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Crappy day of days

My day today consisted of:

* Waking up to an unwelcome surprise new shower head;
* Confirming my car tire has sprung a slow leak;
* Panicking because my car almost didn't start;
* Fighting with a co-worker who can't keep her nose out of other people's responsibilities;
* Arguing with friends over how to do important things;
* Totally forgetting about and missing an appointment to find out if I need to buy all new tires or if I can fix the leaking one and limp along for a few more paychecks;
* Spending money I don't have to buy a new car battery;
* Having the cat projectile vomit all over my comforter;
* Installing the new car battery an hour before bed;
* Discovering I bought a car battery 3 years ago but it is not the dead battery I just removed from my car and having no idea what the fuck that's all about.

Fuck it. Goodnight.

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  • Happy Saturday!

    Wine s'mores with Bob, Clint and Rich at Running Hare winery. Posted via LiveJournal app for Android.

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