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Some badly needed updates...

Bad me! Totally forgot to mention that dear, sweet, loving, kind nazcr got into a car accident a few days after the new year. Wrecked her new car (but not quite totalled), smashed into some old lady making an illegal left-hand turn from the center lane on a red arrow - yowza! Old lady walked off unscratched, but poor Naz had to have a cast put on (not quite broken, but might as well have been). Thankfully, happy drugs take her to Happyland, and that makes her happy. Get better, baby! You have so many internet dates to go on, you have to be in top form! ;)

Also, Mom and Dad leave tomorrow for Florida, Naz is gonna watch Bart, and the vet said he can go on a special diet to lose some weight in the meantime, and when they get back they can run some more tests and see how his diabetes is doing - very good news!

Now that I have a paid account, I'm adding more pictures, so I suppose it's time to go look for those pictures I originally thought about (like Hermey the Elf, a different Sleepy, maybe Criminy). Oh, and an official welcome to my friend, housemate and landlord jkusters to LiveJournal. Think thomasm will join us?

I'm sad that nycnative and drainbead are splitting up, and despite the frustrating and sometimes mildly hostile tones in their LJ's, this is an interesting forum to keep up on their lives and get the "he said/she said" story from both sides. I hope they both come out of this as better people.

ben_raccoon and harlkyn (and I'm assuming evil_dwagon) are back from their furry con, and it sounds like it was fun. I wonder when one of them will fill me in on how I find out what kind of animal I am? Maybe I can convince Ben to anthropomorphisize me! :D

Um, anything else? Chatted with one of my more tricky insiders for G'con last night and he agreed to be Publications instead of Programming, which is great, 'cause guests tend to not like him. :) Added a few more people to the list for the meeting, which I'm happy for, as I need the help to get this thing kick-started.

Work's busy, as Boss #1 is in frenzied mode getting ready for an event. I will say that things get smoother every time we do this, so it's not as bad as it was last time; still, it would be nice if she weren't so tense. (I think, though, like me sometimes, the rush spurs her to get a lot done. Fortunately, she tries very hard not to make my life any more difficult than it is normally getting ready for such an event, even if she sometimes does it by accident.) Of course, here I am at work updating my LJ. ;)

Gaming tonight, dinner for Khoi tomorrow night, two-stepping Friday night, buffet Saturday night, meeting Sunday night - OY!

Oh, and nothing beats a warm toasted bagel in the morning with cold cream cheese - MMM!

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