Esprix (esprix) wrote,

Gallifrey & the holiday weekend

Friday morning we had our weekly team meeting, and I tried to update the gang on the move and the site visit. I say "tried" because they were basically mocking the entire process the whole time. It was quite frustrating, as I was supposed to be the cheerleader for the move and they were making fun of it all. It seemed sort of... juvenile. It was especially ironic since it was Rebecca that couldn't understand why people would grumble or complain - "We're all adults here - can't we act professionally?" It's a shame my team couldn't emulate that. So right after our meeting we headed out to the new building, we got the rundown from Sarah, and we looked at our offices... and needless to say, there was much whining, complaining, and outright nastiness. It was a little shocking. I mean, my office is no bigger than a walk-in closet, but (a) there's not a damned thing I can do about it, and (b) I still gain four complete walls, a door that closes, and $60/month less in parking, so what do I have to complain about, really? After we were done I realized that AMB & Rebecca were supposed to drive me back to the office but they forgot me, so Charlotte drove me home, and she hit me on on advice on how to deal with her boss (she's a temp). They let us go early, although I still hit a lot of traffic. Quincy came over, and to celebrate our 8 month/Friday the 13th anniversary, he got a wooden heart-shaped plaque engraved with "Q & A." Aw! He's so sweet! So we finished packing (I finally have my room party tubs down to a science), hit Chili's for dinner, and headed for Gallifrey. We got there too late to go to Kevin & Andy's Evil Genius party, so we just went to the hotel and went to bed.

Saturday was Valentine's Day! (Even though Q swears he doesn't celebrate it.) We got up early, headed over to the con hotel, and set up the fan table. In the afternoon we went to a queer fandom BOF, and I got to shill G'con. After watching the table a little longer, we ate at a great steakhouse with Chris Newman and Jim Briggs, then stopped for food for the party (Chris insisted on paying since I'd been bankrolling all the previous parties). We went back to the hotel and started decorating and setting up for the party. At one point I had Quincy go into my backpack, where he found a white stuffed teddy bear (which he named Stuffy) and chocolate roses - Happy Valentine's Day, honey! (All my co-workers agreed that even though he said he didn't want to celebrate V-Day, that was a sure sign that if I didn't get him something he'd never speak to me again!) We did quite a lot of decorating, and it worked really well - we threw a kick-ass party! Probably the best one we've had yet. The only other competition, though, was an 80's party, which was good because they were serving alcohol and we only had some wine and champagne. Quincy got more than a little drunk, and there was a cute Latino bi boy that we both wanted to hit on, so we kidded around with him a lot. I finally kicked everyone out around 2:30 am, and on the way home Quincy asked how far we were from our hotel because he didn't like to puke anywhere but in his own bathroom (which he then did so - twice). Sigh. Such a cutie. Then after wrestling a bit in bed, he suddenly announced, "Honey, I'm going to go to sleep now," which he then promptly did. Such a cute boo! :D

Surprisingly enough when we woke up Sunday Q had a massive headache. :D We checked out, stopped at Starbucks, and ran the fan table again. I did manage to check out the Art Show auction, and then made it over to the charity auction where I got to see Paul Darrow (Avon from Blake's 7) and Janet Fielding (Tegan from Doctor Who) play auctioneers. I did bid on a phaser from ST:TNG but it went to high, so I got a toy Enterprise-D instead. :D Before leaving I did manage to catch Virginia Hey at her table and asked her about G'con, and she said to drop her a line but it sounded like fun. We finally headed home, but not before stopping in Irvine to have dinner with Glenn & Bob, Stanton & James and Jim, which was really nice since I hadn't seen them for a long time and I wanted them all to meet Q. From there we headed straight to my house.

We slept in Monday and I made breakfast again. Q had inspection the next day so we swung by the base for him to get a new tie clip, but because it was a holiday the PX was closed. We went shopping at Mission Valley (I bought Strange Synergy and Fluxx) before going to see Big Fish. Surprisingly I made it all the way to the end credits before I started bawling. Afterwards we had dinner at Celedon Thai, I went home, and chatted with Daniel before bed.

So all in all a fun weekend. Yay!

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