Esprix (esprix) wrote,

This week

Monday was work, and at lunchtime I stopped at UTC to see if game prices had dropped any lower (they hadn't). Lynda called towards the end of the day. They had driven down to Walt Disney World and got in Sunday night, so they spent the day Monday at the Magic Kingdom. They were ok with things for the whole day... until they got to the fireworks show. Evidently they changed the show, and they all just started crying because the fireworks was one of my dad's favorites. Sigh. I wish I could have been with them. She also said they took the lock of his hair and sprinkled it in the Rivers of America so he would always be a part of WDW. (I have a lock as well which is going into the fountain in front of the Snow White and the seven dwarves waterfall - even though he never made it out to California, I want him to be a part of Disneyland.)

Tuesday night David came over and him, me, Daniel, John and Quincy all went to Pat & Oscar's for dinner, then Quincy went through the rest of David's comics.

Wednesday was a productive day at work, and when I got home it turns out Daniel had gone on a date with Kenneth, a GAMNETer I've met on several occassions. He decided to stay for gaming, so we played Five Crowns, Guillotine, and Myke and I played Carcassonne Castle (the 2-player Carcassonne), which was kind of keen.

Thursday I stopped at the store after work, and was very tired when I got home, so I didn't get much done and I didn't pack for the weekend. Blah. I did get to bed on time for a change, though.

That's it. Boring boring.

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