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Sick day

Yesterday I spent most of the day at work working on PR#2 and updating the flyer to include Virginia Hey. John made dinner for us while Daniel and I christened my new chess set (he beat me), then we played Strange Synergy, and right as I died Allison called and we talked about the status of our guest invites, then I called TK and we talked about how we're going to pay the hotel. Before David left we played a 3-way game of Halo, which, of course, Daniel won. Blah!

I stayed home sick today. First I overslept until about 8:45, woke up, felt a little stuffy anyway, decided to take a mental health day either way, and called out. Slept until about 2:30, got up, and it turns out Myke had stayed home sick as well. Daniel had stables in the morning, but was back by then (and he's the one that's getting us all sick!). Vegged in front of the TV, did some LJ stuff, he kicked my ass at Halo, I talked to Allison about following up with more guests, and now I need to talk to my honey before I go to sleep, as I really need to get into work tomorrow.


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