Esprix (esprix) wrote,

This past week

Monday I had work and looked up more e-mail addresses. When I got home I did laundry, played some Halo with Daniel, and got yelled at about leaving some Oreos out. Ugh.

It rained Tuesday, but at lunchtime I ran out to UTC and bought some games (Rook, Water Works, Gang of Four and Guillotine). After work Quincy, Daniel and I went out to Hometown Buffet, then Quincy and I watched "Soft Hearts," a gay Filipino movie that was kind of cute.

Wednesday night I ducked out of dessert night with LYC because I just didn't feel like driving down there and spending ludicrous amounts of money for a slice of cheesecake, so I called Mark and Edwin and they met people there for me. Instead I played a round of Halo with Daniel, then Daniel, Myke, David and I played a round of Cosmic Encounter, followed by Carcassonne, and another round of Halo.

Thursday morning I had a meeting about the upcoming move, caught up with a lot of stuff at work, and had my weekly meeting with AMB. Thursday night was our weekly LYC EC meeting, where I did bring up the fiasco with the raffle at the pot luck (Yudi agreed that it could have been handled better) just so we're all on the same page as far as getting things done, working together, and making sure we're not getting too ambitious with the group (and the fact that I'm going to be doing more work with G'con over the next couple of months means they need to be more proactive and on the ball without me constantly there either telling them what to do or doing it myself). It went ok, and we planned through into mid-March.

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