Esprix (esprix) wrote,

This weekend wrap-up

Yudi had invited us over to his place to play games, so we headed over (but not before Quincy stopped and picked up a bottle of Jose Cuervo, which made the evening so much more interesting). We played a couple of games - Cranium, Apples to Apples, Balderdash... anything but Uno!

Saturday Quincy had rehearsal, so I slept in, then went to LYC coffee, and then Q met up with us for dinner at Corvette Diner (which evidently we're not allowed to ever go back to because it's too straight, too loud and no one seems to like American food anymore).

Sunday was the monthly LYC pot luck, which we had at Moby Dick's. Originally I had hoped to have a big year-end catered banquet, which then had to get bumped to a new year kick-off because nothing was getting done for it, and since planning wasn't going so well before my dad died, once I was out of town for a month the whole idea sunk. We finally decided just to have it at Moby Dick's again, but try to make it nice (we were also holding our 2004 Executive Committee elections). Yudi was going to arrange having a raffle, and I brought a few of the prizes we'd been collecting over the past few months, but he totally flaked on me (with a dozen different excuses), to the point where the raffle never happened. I didn't once offer to step in to help, because I thought, dammit, I am not going to be the only one running this group - he's the one that wanted to do it, so let him do it, or, in this case, not do it, and we'll see what happens. Needless to say I was pretty miffed, and to top it off we only got about 15 or 20 people show up, so it was pretty dismal all around. Afterwards I had the first G'con staff meeting since coming back, but Allison had a depressive episode so she couldn't come. Top that off with Mom calling me during the meeting crying, and then me calling her back when the meeting was over and the both of us crying for half an hour (while Sandra and Jim patiently waited for me at the table at Lotus Thai), and it was an all-around bummer day. Blah.

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