Esprix (esprix) wrote,

Bernie & the DNC

So Bernie Sanders' supporters are planning a march in Philadelphia "against the DNC."

Here's what I don't get - Sanders has for his entire political career been a democratic socialist, running as an independent. Then this year he decides to run for the Democratic party nomination. Now that he has, his supporters now want to change the Democratic party.

Doesn't that seem a little bit disingenuous? Why isn't he out forming his own party, or working with a party that more aligns to his goals, rather than trying to become something he's not, and then his supporters are trying to take over a party they don't identify with?

I get it - the Democratic party could be more progressive. I even agree. But by the same token, there are far more progressive parties out there (Green, etc.). Why are you trying to change something you're not?

It's like, hey, I'm a vegetarian, but I'm cool with ordering salad in your steak place. Sorry about my friends trying to shut you down and change you into a vegan joint. My bad.
Tags: deep thoughts, liberal rubbish, life, news, politics, ranting and raving, razzin' frazzin', wtf

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