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Tempest v. Teacup

The changes made today have removed the teeth from the law - the threat of a boycott worked!

"The revised law explicitly bars a business from denying services to someone on the basis of categories that include sexual orientation and gender identity..."

This means Indiana's LGBT protections are back to where they were before (which clearly need to be worked on, as the state lacks comprehensive LGBT protections). But it does put the law in line with the federal law it was originally modelled after and other states that have this law. (In fact, it's somewhat better than other states, as it explicitly mentions sexual orientation and gender identity, which some states do not.)

Another article:

"Lawmakers meeting in Indianapolis on Thursday approved changes to the law to prohibit service providers 'from using the law as a legal defense for refusing to provide services, goods, facilities or accommodations. It also bars discrimination based on factors that include race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or United States military service...' It is the first time the Hoosier state has defined either sexual orientation or gender identity a protected category."
Tags: news, politics, queer issues, sca, yay!

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