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SCA drama vs. modern politics

So, for those who may be following on other social media, the heinous Indiana law has bled into the SCA, because the big 50th year anniversary event is being held there next June. (Alas, being the moderator of a couple of different SCA-related Facebook groups, I've gotten to read and deal with a LOT of drama over it during the last three days since the news made the headlines. Not fun, let me tell ya.) A lot of folk are, of course, boycotting the entire state, which of course means the event might suffer.

However, after all this discussion, I am asking people not to boycott. Here are my reasons you should attend:

*** The event staff is working hard to make sure people are treated equally.

Let's face facts - the event is not going to move. An event of this size takes many years of planning, and the event staff have already invested a couple of years, including signing contracts that would be financially crippling to break. There is no possible way a new staff would be able to pull off the logistics in 18 months elsewhere, let alone find an appropriate venue that isn't already booked by now.

So as soon as this news broke, the staff started figuring out how to mitigate any potential harm to attendees. They're looking into exactly how this law would affect the event, and they're talking to local businesses to make sure they're not discriminating. These folks are local, so they know this site and this area, and they've said not only have they never experienced any discrimination, but that everyone they've talked to agrees this new law is apalling and they will continue to serve everyone equally.

And let's not forget that the staff are average folk just like you and me, with 9-5 jobs and families and lives, and are doing this on an all-volunteer, no-pay basis. Why punish them because of things beyond their control?

*** You will only hurt the SCA.

As I said above, the event isn't moving, so really, who are you hurting by not attending? The SCA. Without enough projected attendees to cover costs, the event could tank financially, and that means the SCA will bear the burden. Don't hold back your dollars from the event just because you don't want to give a few pennies to the state government.

Plus, this event is, by convention standards, a small one-shot. No one on a state level is going to notice if we don't show up. We're nowhere as big a fish as some of the other events, like GenCon, which is huge and annual, or the businesses that are threatening to pull money in the millions.

Look at it this way - you're going to support Indiana LGBT rights groups during this, right? Like Equality Indiana? Well come support the event, too, because they're also going to be in there fighting to make sure that everyone who attends the event will be treated fairly.

Attending means you're supporting your friends, the very same people you claim you want to support.

Now, if you feel the SCA Board of Directors isn't doing enough or should be doing something specific, contact them directly, and don't punish the Indiana folks for it.

*** You don't have to give Indiana any money.

If you plan ahead, you can limit the amount of money you actually spend in the state. Fill up your gas tank before you cross the state line, bring plenty of food with you, etc. You can attend and support your SCA friends while still giving a miniscule amount of money to the state government.

*** Clan Blue Feather will be attending.

Oh yes, we will be there in full force, out and proud, making our presence known, including having a Blue Feather Ball and other activities. By attending the event, you will really be showing how much you support us!


Of course this is an important issue for many people, including me, and I'm hopeful that with this intense public outcry things will change by next June. Until then, I hope people will think very carefully about their plans for the 50th and decide to support the event
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