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I've been banned!

No, not from the SDMB - from iangalaher's LiveJournal. Perhaps he didn't like my latest post about him in mock_the_stupid? Or the fact that I could actually argue with him rationally (or at least until he started calling me a faggot, or spouting off "yo momma" comments, or whatever he feels passes for his Really Big Intellect today).

Truly, if you haven't read any of his journal, I highly recommend it. It's just... wow. Laughably stupid. Creative, surely, but he lacks any kind of knowledge about anything, so it all just makes him sound like a buffoon.

Amazing. Truly.

Here's what I was about to post before he banned me:

So you've given us what you consider to be a good, but inefficient idea. Lots of folks are telling you it's not such a good idea after all (not that you seem to care much). So when do we get to see an actual good idea? You know, one of the ones on those 127 pages you printed out?

Oh, wait - you can't reveal those. Right. And therefore we should just trust you. Uh-huh. Sure.

Before going much further, I'd recommend reading "A List of Fallacious Arguments, particularly "burden of proof" and "argument to the future." Just a suggestion.
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