Esprix (esprix) wrote,

Helluva Monday

Crazy day - came in to find a crisis in progress, only to discover that I was probably the one that (accidentally) caused it. Fortunately I quickly found a solution, so I didn't even get the finger-wagging I was expecting (my boss is AWESOME and I'm going to miss her when she leaves).

In the brief panic of realizing I'd made a mistake, I quickly plowed through the most important items on my to do list, so it turned out to be very productive (in an OMG PANIC kind of way).

I ducked out at lunchtime for a doctor's appointment for my back, but it turns out they mistakenly put me down for tomorrow, so I turned around and went back to work.

Took some time to call Verizon about having changed my plan when I (finally) got my new phone last week (a Galaxy S4), and not only did they fix the problem exactly as I thought they should have, but I got a little bonus on top of it. Left positive feedback with the rep's supervisor. I'm also having fun customizing the phone, although there are a few things I need to learn that are different from my old Droid X2.

For some reason late in the day I got a superbly terrific headache, so when I came home I decided to lay down for a little bit... which turned into 3 hours. Oatmeal for dinner it is!

In other news, our long national nightmare (i.e., my sister and her daughter not speaking to each other since Thanksgiving) is over - a detente of some sort has been reached. I was also informed that my sister and mother are coming to DC on Thursday for the Cherry Blossom Festival, so I'm taking the day off and spending it with them.

All this after a weekend that included a nice date (although it tends to cast a pall over things when your date's brother gets shot in the head), another nice date (albeit short), and another nice date, along with a nice dinner with friends. :)

All in all, a crazy, potentially-bad-turned-pretty-good day. :D

P.S. Oh, and I have an offer from a crazy sexy new friend to spend my birthday weekend with him in Disneyland. SCORE!
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