Esprix (esprix) wrote,

Note to friends:

So a couple of notes for my friends. This has been on my mind for the last few days so I wanted to express it.

First, I was once asked, "Why do people make fun of you all the time?" My answer was, "Because I allow it." Please don't take my good naturedness for granted, because I find that hurtful.

Second, yes, I do have lines, although they're pretty far afield. If I point out that you're crossing them (and I'll do my best to be clear about it), I'd appreciate it if you took it seriously (especially since I like to think that I rarely invoke them). If you don't, or if you continue to dance across my lines because you think it's funny to poke me (see my point above), I'll be sad to see you go. (NOTE: The words "I'm sorry" mean a lot to me. I hope I use them in my dealings with others.)

Third, my Facebook page is my space. I appreciate the comments and likes, of course (who doesn't), and I don't mind some constructive criticism now and again, but there's a time and place, folks - if you don't like what I post and have nothing but snark to say about it, consider just scrolling past it. It's a big internet, so I'm sure you can find someplace else to play instead of pissing all over my living room.

Finally, knock it off with the slut shaming. Since in most cases I openly encourage you to fly your own freak flag however you see fit, I don't think I deserve derision in return.

That was it. Thanks for listening.
Tags: deep thoughts, drama, facebook, friends, introspection, life, sexcapades, snark, wtf

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