Esprix (esprix) wrote,

Dream journal

I don't usually remember my dreams, but here was a doozy I had last night.

I'm driving home from Pennsic, and I stop for gas. I'm waiting in line at the register to pay, and I see the guy behind me snooping in my wallet, which is sitting in my open bag in my shopping cart. I call him out on it and leave to go back to my car, but now he's following me. I'm wigged out and want to call the cops but my phone is broken, so I go back into where I paid for my gas, which turns out is actually a family's house. They're very nice and offer me their phone and to hide from this guy, who is now clearly stalking me. I'm on hold with the police for hours, resting in an upstairs room, and I decide it's safe to leave. First I try climbing out the window and shimmying down off the roof, but it's too dangerous so I go back inside and go downstairs. I go to leave by the front door, but there's my stalker, sitting reading a book (fortunately he doesn't see me). He's very nerdy and bookish, but giving off an unmistakable creepy vibe. I quietly sneak out the back door and get to my car, only to discover I'd left my doors open and all of my Pennsic stuff has been stolen. I woke up humming a song about how angry I was.
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