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More gaming happiness!

OK, so I went to UTC today to get lunch at Steak Escape (mmm... meat...), and it turns out Game Keeper is still open. They're going out of business, so I kind of thought they'd be gone by now and was surprised they were still open, so I asked and they said they might be around as long as until April. Yay! In the meantime the sales continue unabated, so I bought a few things from my game wish list at 40% off:

I'm leery of buying more games in case anyone is actually buying this stuff for me for, say, Valentine's Day ({hint hint}) or something, but I can't resist these prices - I'm hoping for a 75% off sale before they run out of the things they have left that I want! (I may need to make a daily trip to make sure, especially on a few ones that they had a good supply of - Carcassonne, Apples to Apples, Jenga, dominoes, that chess set, and Risk if the one I have back home is incomplete.) I'll keep the list updated just in case. Besides, they're already out of quite a few of those games by now (Strange Synergy, Dork Tower, Fluxx, Falling, etc., all of which I've seen there before and aren't there now), so there's ample opportunity to feed my gaming habit (which I believe I caught from thomasmMyke - I'm a games whore now, too! Damn you!).

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