Esprix (esprix) wrote,

Timey-wimey goodness!

I've been recording a bunch of "Doctor Who" episodes just to watch when there's nothing else on, and I was looking through the list to decide which ones to keep, and some of the ones I kept to watch again still enthrall me for various reasons:

* "Fires of Pompeii" - Donna's empassioned speech to convince the Doctor to save just one person.
* "The Doctor's Daughter" - Because, you know, JENNY OMG!
* "Journey's End" - Saying goodbye to Donna, so sad. :(
* "Vincent and the Doctor" - Because, you know, VINCENT VAN GOGH OMG!
* "The Doctor's Wife" - Because, you know, IDRIS IS THE TARDIS IN HUMAN FORM OMG!
* "School Reunion" - Because, you know, SARAH JANE OMG!
* "Midnight" - Just creepy as fuck.
* "The Next Doctor" - Because, you know, MISS HARTIGAN OMG (and steampunk Cyber King)!

Love this show. :)
Tags: doctor who, tivo, tv

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