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More questions from persephone767!

(I swear
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(I swear <a href="<a href="">I saw these</a> the other day, <b>Pers</b>, but haven't had time to answer them. Thank you!)

<ol><li><b>If you could have children, would you? Biologically or by adoption, however you could end up with them.</b>

<lj-cut text="My answer"><blockquote>I have vacillated back and forth about kids for many, many years. There are times when I absolutely want them, and there are times when I know I'm too frelling selfish to even think about it. Since I'm <i>just now</i> settling down, I think the decision, if I (or we) were to make it, is still several years off. Do I think I'd make a good parent? Yes, and so would Quincy. But I also know the level of commitment required, and I question if I would be capable of that.

And given the choice, I would <u>adopt</u>, no question. And little Asian babies are so cute! I think I'd want a little girl.</blockquote></lj-cut>

<li><b>What would you do with $1M?</b>

<lj-cut text="My answer"><blockquote>As I wrote in a previous question, I'd pay off my debts, set up college funds for each of my nieces and nephews, make sure Mom was doing ok, buy a new car, and maybe even start looking at houses to buy, plus splurge with a new wardrobe and renewing my Annual Passport to Disneyland. I'd also give some to various charities. But the <i>absolute first</i> thing I would do is hire Tommy to be my financial advisor! :D</blockquote></lj-cut>

<li><b>My hair is naturally auburn, but I'd kinda like to color it someday. I have a little gray, but just some strands here & there. What color do you recommend, if any, and why?</b>

<lj-cut text="My answer"><blockquote>Maroon. I like brown hair with dark maroon highlights.</blockquote></lj-cut>

<li><b>Cats or dogs?</b>

<lj-cut text="My answer"><blockquote>I love dogs, but I'm a cat person, and I desperately miss my Bart! :(</blockquote></lj-cut>

<li><b>In your opinion, what is the most pressing issue facing your state today, and how would you solve it?</b>

<lj-cut text="My answer"><blockquote>The economy, and I don't think I'd solve it the way Arnold is. Maybe <u>freeze</u> spending and raise taxes a <u>little</u>, but the cutbacks he's pushing are devastating.

If I had my <i>choice</i> of problems to solve, it would probably be funding for the school systems, but then again I work in academia now. :)</blockquote></lj-cut></ol>

Thanks so much! And for everyone who has requested I ask them questions, I haven't forgotten, so keep checking back!

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