Esprix (esprix) wrote,

A long overdue update

So it's been a while since I posted a detailed update, so here's a quick and dirty:

April 12-15 - Moved from Lusby back to Lexington Park, from a basement apartment to sharing a house with a local friend. The cats approve of him, so I think we're good.

April 19 - The college where I work had their first Lavender Graduation. It was adorbz.

April 20 - Attended my first Spinners game, the Philadelphia ultimate disc (frisbee) team that my two oldest nephews play for. It was the season opener in Silver Spring, so I drove up to hang out with my sister and my niece. They were surprised to see me, and they won, so w00t for them.

April 21 - Mom's 76th birthday. Thankfully I remembered to send flowers.

April 26 - Went to the DC Eagle for Kyan's birthday. T'was amusing to meet his Facebook friends and watch him pound shots of Tequila. Got a hotel for the night, but alas was stood up by a local prospect, who is now relegated to the trash heap. C'est l'amour.

April 27 - While waiting for my Cube to be serviced at the dealership, got an unexpected call from my friend Huey. Seems his sister was making him drive her from NYC to DC to pick up her new car, so he decided to make a day of it. I picked him up, we got something to eat, then went to the AFW pot luck, and then met up with some of my queer co-workers at Secrets (it was Leonard's first time in DC and Clint's first time at Secrets, so we had a lot of fun). Drove back to the house to crash.

April 28 - Drove Huey back to the Metro station to get his car, and he headed home and I ran some errands.

May 1 - Dinner out with the local old queers group. Bad food, but great company.

This weekend - Looks like Gaylaxicon in Atlanta isn't going to happen (I was holding out hope), so instead I may do some gaming tonight, and then tomorrow I may go up to DC for the first Gay Day at the Zoo, but will definitely go up to Baltimore to meet up with Joe and Will for the Games Club of Maryland Game Days they're coming down for, and play a few games and have dinner and hang out for a bit.

Coming up I've got an ifCon meeting next Saturday, then going to Frederick for a birthday party Saturday and Philly for my sister's 50th on Sunday the following weekend, and then probably have people over Memorial Day weekend. I'm also trying to find time to get up to Cooper's Lake to get my tent roof out of storage since it needs to be repaired.

So, yeah. Life is life. :)
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