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More interview questions! I'm on a roll!

More interview questions from sistercoyote!:

  1. What do you miss most about the East Coast?

    Real rain, not this "climate" bullshit. I also miss snow for about 15 minutes on Christmas Eve, but that's why I head home, and then a few days later I'm back in sunny southern California. I also miss Tastykakes, real Philly cheesesteaks, and Nestea iced tea, plus of course my friends and family.

  2. If you could do anything at all as a full time job, what would it be?

    Party planner, which I'm going to pursue someday anyway. Anything where I get to be the center of attention. :)

  3. What is your idea of a perfect day?

    Sleeping late, a leisurely breakfast, then Disneyland with Q, and staying up really late. If it were really perfect, the day would be about 36 hours long.

  4. Favorite ride at Disneyland/DCA? Why?

    The Haunted Mansion when it's done up in The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you'd asked me about Walt Disney World, my favorite ride would be Rock 'n Rollercoaster, and attraction would be Carousel of Progress because of the memories with my family.

  5. (I'm okay with you skipping this one, but it did occur to me.) Is there anything you wish you'd had the chance to say to your father?

    Say? No. We all made sure we handled that that last day. (OK, maybe "I love you" one last time.) But I will always regret that he never got to get to know Quincy, and Quincy never got to get to know him. I will be very sad that he won't be there for our wedding.

  6. (if you don't want to answer #5) You've been given $500,000.00, but you have to give AT LEAST three-quarters of it to charities of your choice. Which get the money? What do you do with the rest of it? (assume that it is post-tax money, so you're getting the full amount.)

    I'd only give away 3/4 of it because I need the money. Out of that amount, though, I'd give some to the Salvation Army (Dad's favorite charity), a national cancer research organization, the LGBT center in San Diego, a national AIDS research organization, the LGBT scholarship fund here at UCSD, and I'd buy memberships in several organizations, including the ACLU, NGLTF, the San Diego Zoo, the Birch Aquarium, and probably a few more I'd have to research.

    With the $125,000 left over I'd pay off my debts, set up college funds for each of my nieces and nephews, make sure Mom was doing ok, buy a new car, and maybe even start looking at houses to buy. Oh, and I'd splurge a little, but not too much, with a new wardrobe and renewing my Annual Passport to Disneyland. :)

    (Oddly, Q and I were just talking last night about what we'd do if we won the lottery or had as much money as we'd ever need. I told him I'm take a year or two off from work and bum around, travel, etc. but that eventually I'd want to work. We used to talk trash at Pennsic about setting up a functional medieval tavern on site, but I'd love to build a combo coffee shop, hotel, restaurant and community center right in the middle of Hillcrest, not so much to make money, but to be able to give back stuff to the community - a place where queer teens could hang out, a place for community groups to have space to meet in, and so on. Of course I'd be the guy serving the coffee, and no one would have any idea that I was the one that owned the joint. Hee hee!)

    Thanks bunches honey!

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