Esprix (esprix) wrote,

The big move!

I posted updates on Facebook, but for your enjoyment I put them all together in a timeline (including pictures!):

Friday, April 12:
11:24am: Moving is the pits.
1:42pm: Funny how loading a U-Haul in the rain feels like Pennsic...
4:18pm: 10 hours to load it, 2.5 to unload it.

Saturday, April 13:
8:21am: YARD SALE TODAY! Who's coming? :-P
2:09pm: Thank you, landlords, for telling me 2 days before I move out that you "have a problem" with me steaming cleaning the carpets myself. Um, the lease just says steam clean, not pay for professionals to do it. (And don't bring up "we pay the electric and water" when say I wanted to save money, because the professionals use electric and water, too.) Also, wipe down the walls? Seriously? Um, no. And I'm sorry you told your new tenant he could move in on Monday after we talked about Monday being my last day - it's not my fault you can't keep your dates straight.
7:37pm: Running out of steam, but I think I did pretty good today. If promises are kept, I'll only have the bed and couch to deal with. :)

9:51pm: Treating myself to dinner because I need to. :-/

Sunday, April 14:
3:12pm: Good talk with the rational landlord who said to ignore the prissy one. :) Also, a woman came back from yesterday and bought three more items, and I have three offers for the couch and mattress from Craigslist (plus an offer from a thrift store to come pick them up). One more trip to the storage unit, a couple of trips to the new place, and then I start cleaning. w00t! :)
4:11pm: When did I go through a turtleneck phase?
6:27pm: How telling is it that my storage unit is sorted as follows: kitchen, paperwork, books, Pennsic, tools, stuff, stuff to get rid of (donate), and stuff I might actually need? Yeah, that's what I thought... :-/
9:13pm: My new roommate made me dinner. I think this is going to work out juuust fine... ;)

Monday, April 15:
12:12pm: Somebody please tell me that's a *light* at the end of the tunnel and not an oncoming train...
3:33pm: UGH. The last 10% really does take 90% of the time. :-/

Tuesday, April 16:
11:29am: Move is done. EXHAUSTED. Last load was waaay too late last night, then cleaned, vacuumed and steam cleaned the carpets. Car is still full of stuff. So glad to be sitting at a desk for 8 hours. Now begins The Great Unpacking...
1:16 pm: Things I learned from this move:
- I'm old
- When people offer to help, say yes
- Rent the truck longer
- Start earlier
- Pay to have someone else do it

Wednesday, April 17:
11:03 am: Made it to work yesterday, then came home, promptly fell asleep, and woke up in time to go to work again today. Hopefully those 14 hours will get me right as rain. :)

I'm also going to post something longer about how I viewed the move from a more personal perspective. ;)
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