Esprix (esprix) wrote,

A fun-filled weekend

Interesting weekend:

Friday - Had some trouble getting home in the snow (should have left work earlier but didn't realize it had come down as hard as it did so quickly), but was amused watching others who clearly had no idea how to drive in bad weather (although being stuck at the bottom of the hill watching them keep sliding back down, the amusement didn't last for long). Got an unexpected phone call later Friday night from a visiting friend (WB), but the snow had stopped and the roads had been plowed so I braved going out to get together for a bit.

Saturday - Was unexpectedly and annoyingly blown off by a friend to attend an AFW dinner together, but I decided to deal with it another day and went by myself and had a splendid time. Always a fun bunch of guys, plus 3 new people showed up, so it was fun meeting and chatting with them, and the food was excellent (Busara Thai in Tysons Corner, if you're looking for a decent restaurant on the west side of the DC loop). Afterwards some folks wanted to go to the Korean spa, but others wanted to go to Secrets, so I got talked into going (especially since two of the other guys going had never been before, so I knew it would be amusing to watch them). Naked men, dicks swinging, blah blah blah, but the music was good and the crowd was nice, so I enjoyed it for a while.

Sunday - Met two co-workers for lunch to catch up on all the latest gossip on campus. Ran some errands afterwards, but made it home in time to watch Obama and Clinton's "60 Minutes" interview, then "Downton Abbey," then some old school "Doctor Who" (Hartnell in "The Aztecs" - man she was a cranky bitch!).

Monday - We'd decided to have a little birthday breakfast at work as we had a few January birthdays, so I was going to get up earlier than usual, but then I got a phone call (rather late in the morning - 7:00 a.m., when we usually get a call no later than 6:00 a.m.) saying we were opening at 9:20 due to the sleet/rain mix we got, so I slept in a bit longer before getting up, getting ready, and stopping at Panera's for bagels. Still had a nice breakfast, though - enjoying a French toast bagel right now, actually. :)

So a pretty full weekend. I find that by going out and doing something Friday night it really makes the weekend feel like a weekend, but this weekend I had more than usual on my plate. This week is supposed to be quiet, though, and no plans for next weekend so far. :)
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