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Give Joe a raise!

For those who are noting that Obama gave Congress a raise, please note he also gave the entire military a raise, too. We can argue that Congress might not deserve more money, but we can't deny the armed forces do.

"By law, Congress cannot get a larger increase in salary than the adjustment given to federal workers.

Obama proposed that workers get a 0.5 percent pay increase last year and wanted it to take effect on Jan. 1. In September, the president agreed with Congress to delay the pay increase at least until the expiration of a continuing resolution funding the government at the end of March.

Federal workers have been laboring under a two-year pay freeze ordered by Obama in Dec. 2010 to try to reduce spending. Congress has not seen a pay increase since 2009."

The actual document is here:

You'll notice several pages of new pay schedules for the armed services.

Also, Congress has the option of turning down the raise. They've done it before - will they do it this time?
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