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Games wish list

Whilst perusing Myke's Shelves O' GamesTM Friday night looking for Clue to play at Yudi's (he's a simple gaming kinda guy), I started tallying in my head some of the games he's introduced me to that I eventually want my own copies of (I already have my own Cosmic Encounter from years back, and I'm the one that introduced him to Bang and Killer Bunnies):

I don't know how many of these I could add to my Amazon wish list, but I wanted to write them down somewhere for future reference.

Updated 2/3/04:
  • Bought:
  • Added Jenga, dominoes, chess set, and Risk to list (check next time I'm home to see if the Risk set I have there is complete).
  • Keep checking back on sales (and supply) of new additions, plus Carcassonne (complete box set) and Apples to Apples (complete box set), all of which they had ample supply of

Updated 2/5/04: Added The Settlers of Catan

Updated 3/1/04:

Bought several games over the past few weeks:
  • 2/8 - Set, blank Fluxx cards, Five Crowns
  • 2/16 - Fluxx, Strange Synergy
  • 2/23 - Star Wars: Epic Duels, 3 card deck cases
  • 3/1 - chess/checkers/backgammon/dominoes set, The Settlers of Catan
Plus added Transamerica and Monopoly.

Updated 4/15/04:

Realized I missed a few additions from 3/5:

5/19/04: I rather enjoy Mutiny and Burn Rate, so I may add them in, too.

10/5/04: Played Lord of the Rings and might add that.

11/12/04: Need to add Frag, and maybe San Juan and/or Puerto Rico.

12/9/04: I'm thinking GemQuest, Ticket to Ride and the superhero game Myke got for his birthday.

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