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Dreams about Dad

I had another dream about Dad this weekend. I've lost the details, but it was another case where he was there with the family, and it suddenly occurred to us that he wasn't really there at all.

That's the third dream I've had - one where he sat up in the casket during Susan's reading, and one where he came to help me on some project in the rec room. All three had about the same theme.

This on top of Mom and I having another long talk last night because she was having another bad day. She got me crying this time. I really need to follow up with Ayers about the death certificate and the last questions we (hopefully) have for him. She's still blaming herself. Blah.

And through it all, it still hasn't really hit me yet. Looking forward to that...

More to report on the weekend later, but I wanted to write this down.

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