Esprix (esprix) wrote,

Critiquing Bond

Just heard the new Bond theme "Skyfall." I love Adele, but although she might have been the right singer for a different song, she was neither the right singer nor writer for this one - it's dreck. I'm glad they decided to forgo urban and move back to a ballad, but this one is slow, boring, and unimaginative, right up there with "Moonraker" or "All Time High." Sorry Adele, but I think my favorite is still a tie between "Goldeneye" and "You Know My Name."

Tags: bleh, bygones!, celebrities, ew, fail, fandom, geeky, hobbies, imho, just sayin', lists, movies, music, observations, oh well, oookaaay..., oy vey, ranting and raving, really?, reviews, snark, ugh, via ljapp

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