Esprix (esprix) wrote,

They're so cute when they catch a clue...

I'm sorry the truth hurts to hear, but at least I wasn't mean about it. I'll even be nice and give you a chance to make things right, but know I'm not holding my breath...

Tags: aging gracefully, asian men, bleh, boys, bygones!, change, craziness, dating, deep thoughts, drama, etiquette, fail, filipino, good times, gossip, introspection, jerk, just sayin', lyc, miss manners, observations, oookaaay..., oy vey, razzin' frazzin', really?, relationship stuff, sigh, snark, troubles, via ljapp, whatever, wisdom

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    Gone. Finished. Done. Good riddance. BUH-BYE, loser.

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    Epic 8-player Cosmic Encounter. Aw yeah...

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