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Change is *hard*...

"The Distress of the Privileged"

Some excellent points in this article, but it basically boils down to recognizing that asking those with privilege to change does, indeed, involve change, and although their change is a change from a place of privilege to a place of recognizing others' struggles, it's still change, and change is difficult for everyone:

"... My straight-white-male sunburn can’t be allowed to compete on equal terms with your heart attack. To me, it may seem fair to flip a coin for the first available ambulance, but it really isn’t. Don’t try to tell me my burn doesn’t hurt, but don’t consent to the coin-flip.

The Owldolatrous approach — acknowledging the distress while continuing to point out the difference in scale — is as good as I’ve seen. Ultimately, the privileged need to be won over. Their sense of justice needs to be engaged rather than beaten down. The ones who still want to be good people need to be offered hope that such an outcome is possible in this new world."

Otherwise, we get the Tea Party digging their heels in, and we can all see what good that's doing us.
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