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This past weekend and this week coming up

Lots of fun this past weekend:

Friday - Work, of course, but a good day since my boss was travelling and I had the place to myself. Found out my second boss was going to Boston for 3 days, but never bothered to tell me - and he wonders why we don't work well together! After work I picked up the Yudster and met Pat & Johnny and a bunch of other folks at Top of the Park, the Friday night queer happy hour. We ended up getting dinner at Lotus Thai (AGAIN - Yudi's favorite place to eat), and then headed back to Pat & Johnny's for tea and to see their dog, PJ (cute li'l dustmop!). I stayed overnight at Yudi's (such a sweetie!).

Saturday - He got up early to get milk for my tea (such a sweetie!), then I think he went to the gym, then fiddled around on the computer and he let me sleep until about 11:30. Then I went to the first Conjecture meeting for 2003, where Adam was hoping I'd have a report - of course, not having had anything to do with the contract or the hotel basically at all, and not having told me I should give a report, I was kind of dumbstruck. However, we came up with some good ideas for advertising, which I'm going to use for Gaylaxicon (modified, of course, for the queer community). After that we went to the usual coffee and dinner with my Asian boy group, the Long Yang Club - San Diego (Yudi and I are both on the Board this year). Had some good Japanese/Vietnamese food, then headed back to my place so I could change so we could head to the UCSD LGBTA queer dance. Boy, did that take me back! I haven't been to a queer college dance since, well, college, and it was interesting. I'm amazed at how young they all looked, but there were one or two I thought were cute (Yudi, too, although not enough football, soccer or lacrosse players for his liking). Ran into some friends and some UCSD folks I know (students and staff), but we left around midnight. Daniel says it used to be a lot like a rave, with a lot of club drugs, but I only saw a little evidence of that - mostly just a lot of queer college kids hanging out and being themselves. It was nice in that regard. We crashed at my place afterwards.

Sunday - Yudi got up early and took off to sit at home and watch the game. YAWN! I slept in until about 2, got up, and watched Star Trek movies all day on TNN. :)

Today was busy at work, tomorrow I need to do laundry, Wednesday is game night, Thursday night we're taking Khoi out to dinner before he moves back to Montreal, Friday night Yudi wants to go two-stepping at Kicker's, Saturday is the GAMNET Chinese new year party, and Sunday is my first Gaylaxicon staff meeting - very exciting! :)

I'm too busy. But I'm having fun. :D

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