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Pennsic prep unabated

Spent the weekend getting ready for Pennsic. Ye gods I spend so much work getting ready for my vacation it's exhausting. (And it would be worse if I didn't have the storage unit there.)

Friday I got an eye exam, a haircut, and did some gaming, but Friday was spent in the rain under a tarp spread between the back of my car and the front of my landlord's truck while sorting through tubs full of garb (as I don't have any room in my apartment to spread out). Fortunately Sunday was bright and sunny so everything dried up and I did a practice run of loading the car (which, after putting in the things I know for a fact are going, turned into a "fuck it, I'm just leaving everything in there" real-time run).

The rest of this week will be spent sorting through and pulling stuff I'm not taking (as I'm running out of room) and various other tidbits, including the finishing touches on a gift I'm making for an old friend.

I'm also crazy busy with stuff at work, including a checklist of things to do, and today felt like a total waste.

However, if all goes well I'll leave for Philly Friday, drop off the cats at Mom's, and then head out to Pennsic on Saturday. FINALLY.

P.S. Did I mention MAJOR land grab drama? Oh, the fun never ends...
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