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My Divorcewarming party

Cannot overstate how much fun I had on Saturday.

I had Friday off to get ready, so I slept in, and then eventually got myself up and sorted out. I got a late start, but had my shopping plan in hand.

I finally was at the last grocery store around 11:00 pm when I got an automated call about an approaching thunderstorm, but it wasn't until I was halfway done and the lights went off in the store that I gave it much thought. Fortunately they had enough emergency power to run the registers, so I was able to check out (although I think there were only 2 of us in there shopping anyway). By the time I got out, the storm had passed just that quickly, but the damage was pretty crazy - downed branches and trees everywhere. Fortunately I wasn't far from home, but we ended up being without power until 5:00 am Saturday.

I got up early, packed the car full of cooking stuff, and checked in early at the hotel to unload the perishables. I was running a little late, but it turns out everyone was because of the storm having knocked out power and closed roads all over DC.

I met up with CJ and Juvaun, and they followed me to Running Hare Vineyards, where we met up with Sev and Matt. Lovely winery with an outdoor tasting pavilion (and really not all that hot in the shade), and I picked up their signature red and white wines. After that we drove down to Perigeaux Winery, where we enjoyed their new tasting room, and got a tour of their pressing facility. We stayed there for a while and ate the lunch I brought with. From there it was down to Cove Point Winery which was hilarious and fun since we went right down their list of Lighthouse Mist fruit wines and loved all of them. The last stop was Solomons Island Winery where we had even more fruit wines (and loved them all, too). A VERY fun time was had by all.

From there we went back to the hotel, rested a bit, got to cooking, and Clint, Bob, and Tricia all finally arrived. The cheese fondue was gruyere, emmentaler and cheddar with white wine, but I couldn't quite get it to the consistency I wanted; no matter, it was delicious with bread, broccoli and apple slices. Second course was beef, chicken, potatoes and carrots in either oil or vegetable broth, along with a variety of dipping sauces (I really liked the teriyaki sauce I got). In between I had roasted red pepper tomato soup and salad. We finished things off with a semi-sweet chocolate cream fondue with strawberries, apples, s'mores and pound cake. SO DELISH.

After we'd had our fill we laughed ourselves silly playing Telestrations (seriously, go buy this game, it's hilarious), I finished cleaning up, and then I left so Sev and Matt could get some sleep (they drove all the way down from Frederick). We were supposed to meet up Sunday for breakfast, but I was too tired and perhaps had too much cheese so I wasn't feeling all that well, so I had to take a rain check, but fortunately I'll see them both at Pennsic in a few weeks. Otherwise I slept in and didn't do much on Sunday as I was feeling kind of blah all day long. Today was back to work for a truncated week (off Wednesday, court date Friday).

So, heading back to Cove Point for more of their wine to bring to Pennsic, and everybody had such a good time they want to do it all again. I'm broke, I'm exhausted, but ye gods I had fun. :D
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