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tibstanglewood's Friday Five

  1. Favorite name for a girl or boy: Bartholemew for a boy, Felicity for a girl. (Depending on whether I got a boy cat or a girl cat, those were my name choices - obviously I went with Bart. And no, I didn't choose Bartholemew because of The Simpsons, and Felicity came about from the British actress Felicity Kendall who I used to love on Good Neighbors, not because of Keri Russell's character.)

  2. Favorite cartoon as a child: The Mighty Heroes and Schoolhouse Rock.

  3. Favorite term of endearment to be called: "Ducky" by Q. :D

  4. Your most expensive vice: Travelling (and SMOFing, for that matter).

  5. Last person who made you smile: Lori at a meeting this morning. She's fun.

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