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Writer's Block: Universal Trek

Star Trek has been a cultural phenomenon for decades, from TOS Kirk chewing up the scenery to reboot Kirk sky-diving from orbit. Why do you think this show has captivated so many viewers, both young and old? Do you wish the Trek vision of the human race's future would come true?


First of all, the day they start beta-testing transporters, I'll be first in line. Scatter my molecules to the wind, so long as I can sleep later before getting to work. :D

Second, although the shows have their faults to be sure, I can't disagree with the romanticized version of the universe - diversity, equality, education, the elimination of poverty and other human ills, etc., not to mention the inherent scientific achievement. I'll take that kind of boring universe over this one any day, thanks.

Third, and I think this has been part of the reason of why some shows did better than others, the characters have substance and are well-created. Star Trek is science-fiction, yes, but also drama, and with good drama, you can lure in more viewers that wouldn't necessarily watch an SF show. This is also why other SF shows like Battlestar Galactica and did well when other "genre" shows might not have.

So, yeah, sign me up. :D
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