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What, me? Update?

I never do weekend updates, but I should.

Friday - staff/faculty picnic at work as the kiddies are all graduated and gone. Left at 3:00, excited for an early day... and promptly fell asleep when I got home. Ah, well - my exciting life strikes again. (I spent 3 nights last week in DC seeing friends and whatnot, so I guess it took its toll.)

Saturday - up and out to dinner with AFW. Such a nice bunch, I wish they had more activities planned than just the monthly pot luck (although people are starting to think the same and are talking about a monthly restaurant dinner as well - just like my old LYC days!). Had a tentative date planned but he flaked, which is becoming more and more problematic around here (and I thought it was more of a left coast thing).

Sunday - another date flake, but didn't waste the day - discovered a new diner, visited Fairfax (which is kind of adorable), and chatted with some folks, both new and old.

I'm working 9-hour days to get every other Friday off for the summer, and although I had contemplated going to War Practice but couldn't really afford it, I'm already looking forward to Memorial Day, CON.TXT, Pennsic, and throwing my own summer shindig around July 4 sometime.

I think that's it. Boring, I know, but there it is. :)
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