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More LYC drama

Hi Alan,

Let's revisit the facts:

1. I never "quit" the board. After I told you that I would now have more time to devote to my duties, now that school was over, you announced to everyone that I would be leaving the committee and I chose not to argue.

2. I never "quit" as webmaster. After I told you that I would be happy to maintain the site, you announced to everyone that I would be leaving and I chose not to argue.

3. Yudi did not "fall a bit behind". He didn't touch the site for 5 months.

4. The site is again out-of-date. Is Yudi going to wait another 5 months?

You can resent what you like. My complaints are accurate. If the truth hurts, change it. Don't shoot the messenger.



Your facts don't seem to jive with my facts. For the latter half of 2002 you attended all but I believe one Executive Committee meeting. We had a discussion about this, and you said you wanted to quit the board, and we asked you to stay on to continue to give input and be webmaster. At the end of 2002 when we talked about who wanted to continue on the board for 2003, you did not express interest. If I "announced to everyone" that you would be leaving the board and you "chose not to argue," then you did, indeed, quit the board and your duties as webmaster. If you had wanted to stay on, why didn't you speak up? Between previously announcing your intentions to quit the board and "not arguing" when it was time to run again, how is it that you seem to think you didn't quit? If you have questions about any of this you're free to pose them directly to the board.

Furthermore, no one is arguing that Yudi fell behind. The board knew this, and it was discussed at several board meetings. If you have a problem with the way the website is run, again, you are free to send your concerns to the board, or you are welcome to attend a board meeting. But could you please explain to me why you are bringing up spurious charges of nepotism? What does that have to do with the running of the website?

Your attitude is quite surprising.

- Alan

I will end this discussion right now for exactly the same reasons I did not want to argue with you in the first place. I don't want a cat fight over this stupid issue.
I don't want to be the Majarincess of the Long Yang Club. I just want the club to survive according to protocol and see its business conducted in the light of day.
Say what you will. I know the truth and so do you. Lying about it will not change the facts.


So now I'm a liar? Wonderful. If you "didn't want to get into this in the first place" then why did you throw meaningless accusations into your othewise perfectly valid concern about keeping the website updated?

The club is thriving and will continue to do so, and the board will continue to oversee things according to our bylaws. I'm sorry you feel differently, but if you have any comments (such as doing things "in the light of day") I suggest you send them to the board.

- Alan

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