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Mom's birthday party weekend

Lovely weekend in Philly for Mom's birthday. Drove up Thursday night, and found she'd already done a lot of work around the house and in the yard. Spent Friday and Saturday doing mostly yardwork and little repairs around the house, food shopping, and food prep.

Sunday was the party, and we had a good turnout of around 30 people including kids. I've come to the conclusion that Mom likes being the indirect center of attention - she loves being the one to throw the parties, but not the one for whom the parties are thrown. Still, we all had a good time catching up with family (despite the rain). I do wish my oldest sister wouldn't get so worked up about things, though - very distracting.

Monday she had a tooth pulled in the morning, so I went with in case she wanted me to drive her home (she did). I hung around for a bit, she foisted food on me, and I finally left in the afternoon.

So, yeah, nice enough weekend. Oh, and also stole back Mom's 80-hour TiVo since she got a new DVR from her cable company - score! :)

The rest of the week looks mildly entertaining - haircut, LGBT community pot luck on campus, gaming, and possibly more gaming. :)
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