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LYC drama

So back in November I get this e-mail from our former webmaster:

Dear Alan,

I am concerned about the condition of our website.
Apparently the webmaster of your choosing has not fulfilled his obligation to keep the site in a reasonably updated condition. Without the website, people from outside the club have no way of knowing what we are doing or even if we continue to exist. The email list is no substitute for a well-maintained website. When the emails are the only information available, we have essentially become a private club, where potential newcomers are not invited.
I worked very hard to redesign the website a few years ago and to maintain it, including updating the photographs on a regular basis. Absolutely nothing has been done in 4 months. This is inexcusable.
It was your idea to take the website away from the webmaster and give it to your boyfriend, who quickly lost interest and allowed the website to die. You are responsible for this travesty, and I insist that you correct your mistake forthwith.
As co-chair of the Long Yang Club San Diego you have an obligation to the members to run the operation effectively. I suggest that you start immediately.


Jim Capps

I finally got around to responding to him:


Sorry for the delay in responding but I was home for most of December for a family emergency.

I did forward your e-mail to the rest of the Executive Committee and your comments were noted and discussed; however, I'm not writing to you in an official capacity at the moment (although I hope you've noticed that Yudi has updated the website and will update it again now that we've had our board meeting for the month).

I'm writing to you on a completely personal note - I don't appreciate your accusations of nepotism. By the time the January elections rolled around Yudi and I had effectively stopped dating, although we were still friends. Yudi decided to join the board of his own volition, and the members voted him in by a vote of confidence unanimously. And it wasn't until even later - by several months - that he volunteered to take over being webmaster (the job you quit, incidentally), and the board had no problem letting him do it - he had both the skills and the willingness to volunteer. At no time did my relationship with him affect whether or not he got the job, nor did I somehow pressure anyone to give it to him, and I was pretty pissed off to see you say such a ridiculous thing.

In case you missed it, he did keep the website updated for many months. Yes, he let it fall behind quite a bit at one point, but he was in the middle of buying a house, plus he still continued to attend board meetings and help plan and run events, and it's not like the rest of the board didn't bug him to get it in gear. After a little bit of prodding, he finally updated it again, and will continue to do so.

Look, I know you put a lot of work into the website, and I'm sure you still think of it as your baby, but you left the board because you didn't have the time to commit to it, and Yudi took over, and that's that. He's not perfect, but frankly neither were you 100% of the time. But since you both *volunteered your free time* I don't see why you're stirring up this hornet's nest - if you want to complain that the website isn't up to date that's fine, but don't stand there and say he got the job because he was my boyfriend because that's just a stupid and shitty thing to say, and it really makes you look like a jerk.

My two cents. Take it or leave it. And I'm copying Yudi because I think he deserves to hear what you had to say about him.

- Alan

Be sanctimonious if you must, but at least know what the fuck you're talking about, you jackass.

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