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Calendar happiness

Ooo! Calendars at 75% off! Yay! I got "a queer year" page-a-day calendar and a Daniel Lue calendar. (I mean, it would be criminal if I didn't have at least one Asian boy calendar, and I didn't like the ones I've seen so far. Evidently this guy was on Survivor in the Amazon or somesuch, but I don't pay attention to such things. :D )

All because I was wondering what day of the week Valentine's Day fell on this year. (It's on Saturday, and that Monday is a holiday at that, although that means it's also the same weekend as Gallifrey. Crud.)

EDITED TO ADD: Also found out Mom and Lynda will be in Disney World Feb. 8-15, bookended by the drive down and back, which means if I wanted to spend time with them in the park I'd have to go down during the week and/or for Valentine's Day. Double crud.

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