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Car update

Well, I didn't buy a car yesterday, but I think I'm poised to buy one on Saturday.

What happened was I was just about home on Tuesday night (still moving, BTW - ugh) when what was previously a tiny, almost undetectable squeak turned into a grinding metal-on-metal brake problem. I've been working on buying a Cube since Thanksgiving, and I figured I was nearing the end of the process anyway (been doing a LOT of research, calling, price comparing, etc. - it's the Libran in me), so I took the day off Wednesday and worked this thing to death. I was prepared to call AAA, tow the car directly to a dealership, and sign off on the papers if I got the right deal, but it didn't quite happen, although I think I've got everything lined up.

So, yeah. w00t. :)
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