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Thanksgiving weekend

It was a good Thanksgiving - no traffic either way, fantastic time hanging with Mom (both shopping and getting chores done), dinner was superb as always, got to hang out with friends playing board games all day Friday, and rented a Cube again so I enjoyed the drive.

Had an obligatory family squabble, although oddly this time it involved me being mad at someone else (rare in my family). I nicely but firmly told my oldest sister that not only was I hurt that she said I didn't have any concern for my nephew's allergies to the cats (which I had to bring with me, but I kept locked away until they left), but that I no longer cared for her (ill-informed) disapproval that I apparently don't do enough chores for Mom when I come up. I expected her to get huffy, but I didn't expect her to storm off in a huff. Oh, well - not my pig, not my farm. :)

Been busy at work this week, but on the plus side I finally found a granola mix I like, so yay for healthier snacking. :D
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