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Last couple of days and a general update

Since the glorious 12 days are over I should get back into the habit of updating on my life on a regular basis, so here goes...

Monday was a good catch-up day at work as Annamarie is out until Friday. I saw a lot of people that were away last week for the holiday so I had to go through the Dad story a few times with people, but that's ok. Spent the night at home doing laundry.

Yesterday was work, then Quincy and I went to dinner at Mimi's. Afterwards we returned his CD player I bought him to Best Buy since the adapter didn't work in his car, and I picked up "Pirates of the Caribbean" using the last of the gift card tdilligaTom got me for my birthday. (I was going to get "A Simple Plan" but they don't carry it in the store anymore and they don't take gift cards online, so I'll just get it another time.) While we were there we saw the DVDs for Happy Tree Friends and after we looked them up online we knew we must have them - inspired shit!

On the way out Q made a remark along the lines of, "Aw, you used to be able to see your neck," confirming my insecurities about gaining weight over the last couple of years. Every time I smile for a picture I end up with a double chin. I've never been like that, and I didn't appreciate him saying it. If I had said that to him he'd have been mad (he even admitted he wouldn't eat for a week), and he's not anywhere near as over his ideal weight as I am (or if he is, he wears it a hell of a lot better than I do). And saying things like, "I love you no matter how you look" doesn't help. Grrr. But he did apologize when he realized I was hurt (although I admit because we kid around so much sometimes it's hard to convey when I'm really hurt vs. when I'm just playing it up for fun - we need an emotional safe word, I swear...). I still love him, though. :D He had to leave earlyish though because he had work in the morning, and I could feel a sore throat coming on.

Today was a boring day at work, although I did get a lot of meetings onto the calendar for the new year, plus I arranged the interviews for the student intern positions for Friday. I did take down my Christmas decorations. I need to start cleaning through my space because we're moving in mid-February and I'd like to be able to start fresh and organized in the new space. Annamarie gets back tomorrow afternoon, but she's got meetings tomorrow and most of the day Friday.

In the afternoon I got a text message from Quincy that he returned the CD player last night with his Beyonce CD still in it. I called Best Buy and they checked all the CD players they had in their return area but all they found was a Britney Spears CD. They set it aside for me and I picked it up after work to make sure they didn't confuse the names, but they didn't, and Quincy said it's definitely not his. I called Best Buy back and had them look again, but no dice. They did take my name in case their return depot reports finding it. Oh, and while I was there I picked up a two-pack of Wallace & Gromit and Robbie the Reindeer, plus Happy Tree Friends vol. 1 & 2 - delightful madcappery abounds!

Gaming really didn't happen tonight, although we got pizza and we watched vol. 1 during dinner. I'm also catching up on laundry. Daniel came home and told me about robbie7577Robbie getting his own LJ account, which will be fun.

Tomorrow is work, deal with Annamarie coming back, and the LYC EC meeting to decide on our next events and talk about what's going to happen with the group for 2004. Ugh. Should be interesting, I'm sure. Friday night I'll stay over Q's because he has work Saturday, and then Kris and Darrel are hosting a San Diego fandom party at their place Saturday afternoon. Afterwards we'll probably do coffee and dinner, and no plans yet for Sunday (I think).

Meanwhile I'm fighting a sore throat and I have a stuffy nose. I hope I don't get sick again. Bleargh. :( And lots of other stuff I've been thinking about since I got home - my commitments here (LYC, Westercon, Conjecture, etc.), where I'm going to end up living by the end of the year, the looming presence of Gaylaxicon (a mere 3 months to go and we still haven't even gotten our author invitations out - AAAAAAAAAAAH!), of course my family and what I can do for them, finances (or lack thereof), work, moving offices in February, etc. I think I just need to concentrate on G'con for now and let the rest take care of itself (even the move wouldn't happen until well after that, as I can't plan both at the same time). As I keep telling my mother, just one day at a time...

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