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Freedom isn't all about warfare

I like what my friend cutegaychick said today:

"I like veterans. I really do - they do good work and people shoot at them and that's gotta suck. Also they look hot in uniform. But since everyone else is thanking the veterans and giving the I'm instead going to thank all of the protesters, the people who won't say the pledge, the ACLU, the people who sue to keep prayer out of public school, the people who guard our freedom of speech and the people who march and stand up and sometimes die to protect us from ourselves. Cause soldiers do an excellent job of keeping the oil flowing, they do an excellent job of keeping the Nazis out of France and they do an excellent job of assassinating terrorists. But protesters and conscientious objectors do an excellent job of defending our freedom. And they do it for free. And for that, they get ridiculed, they get beaten, they get jailed, they get harassed and they get told that soldiers are defending their rights. I like soldiers, but they're defending our lives and our interests. The people who stand up and object are the ones defending our rights. And soldiers get free ice cream, they get pay, they get medals, they get discounted theater tickets. Protesters get hit by cops and scorned by pretty much everyone. And I am reminded that "It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends."

So thanks to both groups - the soldiers and the people who peacefully object. This is a great place to live and you all do a great job of keeping it that way."
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