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Ahoy, ye scurvy freshmen!

So they found mold in two of our dorm buildings halfway through the semester (never mind they've been complaining about it for years - no doubt heads will roll over this, as they did last year, and that wasn't even in the middle of the semester). 350 students had to be relocated last week - some to other housing on campus, some to area homes, but the majority to 3 off-campus motels. Chaos has abounded over all this, of course (students having to move, staff having to handle all this, parents already filing lawsuits), but they just announced a new twist - this weekend they're all moving back to campus, but will be living on a cruise ship, presumably docked in the bay.

I'm not sure whether this is insane or brilliant. I suppose only time will tell, as they anticipate it's going to take the rest of the semester to finish the dorms.
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